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Monday, January 28, 2008


I have been blog hopping ever since 2 days ago. When i blog hop, i think alot too. It just gets my brain juice flowing...
Somehow, i can relate myself to other people's life through their everyday stories and then figure out things i fail to fathom alone...
Also everytime i finish reading, i get inspiration to blog blog and BLOG!! But, (there is always a but in everything nowadays, right?) sigh... But, whenever i sign into blogspot and arrive at the dashboard, i click the post button routinely and HALT. I find myself staring at the blank screen and the cursor goes blink-blink-blink along with my eye lids. I do this 99 out of 100 times i try to blog!


Let me see, what have been bothering me lately....

Anyone came across the devastating accident that occur in North South highway which took away lives of 3 innocent individuals...?
One of them is a girl age 21 years old, a first year medical student from UNSW, Down Under who was happily traveling to KL to meet up with the love of her life... While looking forward for a wonderful summer vacation, her life has to be taken away from her just like that...
*double sigh...*
Coincidentally she is Wen Bin's best friend's girl... He went to her funeral... Pay his last respect and what else is left but memories...?
A few of my friends are somehow related to her in one way or the other as well. Khai Meng, Yu wei and Kok thong are friends with her.

Tell me how CAN i not relate to her? Tell me. I dont know her personally, but i feel her lost deeply. Call me emotional or WEIRD. -_____-

I went through her blog page... She sounds like just like one of us... Doing the routine thingy: ranting about class, assignments, lecturers and homesick. Ever so excited to go back to home land and taste all sorts of Malaysian food she had been deprived of. Counting the days to meet her boyfriend she has not met for ages.

I couldn't help but imagine if that happened on me...
There would be so many things left unsaid, undone, underachieved...
What will happen to my family, my lovely bear and my dearest friends...?
I guess life has to go on for them...but how?
Anyways, Rest In Peace Nian Ning... =)

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